2016 Submissions

Dance of the rock monsters Video Game Song
Nyeh heh heh Video Game Song
Not enough Techno Song
Angel Engine- WIP Chipstep Song
Eastern stuffz! Dance Song
garageband song Dance Song
Somuchfun! Chipstep Song
Bang bang! Dance Song
Argh! - WIP Dance Song
Happy flutes Video Game Loop
Mondays aren't so bad! Dance Song
Toomanylolz Dance Song
Push it!- wip Dance Song
Best damn egg Techno Loop
The people- GT remix Techno Song
FRIENDS- theme song cover Techno Song
Jingle Bit! Dance Song
EnV-Enn- GT remix Dance Song
Lam Laetus Trance Loop
OH NOOOOOO Experimental Voice
K'Rool Dance Song
8-bit Basshunter medly Dance Loop
Lol Y Nawt Wip Dance Song
Everything is awesome! Dance Song
Dangerous WIP Dance Song
Hey, listen! Chipstep Loop
Ear Manipulation Sensation Dance Song
Loopy Trance Loop
Club Cantina- WIP Dance Song
Popcorn remix Dance Song
Slidey WIP Techno Song
MyBoyfriend makesme happy Chipstep Song
Crazy frog 8 bit WIP Dance Song
Red Dance Song
Test WIP Dance Song
Pop song chords! Dance Song
Crispy Techno Song
Castles in the sky remix Dance Song
Y0 d0n+ kn0w m3 wip Chipstep Song
F8tality Chipstep Song
The Jacob effect Dance Song
Check this out House Song
LOL Chipstep Song
Sneak peak- WIP Techno Song
Adventure time 8 bit Chipstep Song
Dented sportscar Dance Song
Its always a good time Dance Song
Dark Chasm demo House Song
Come here, Hedwig! -WIP Chipstep Song
Pachelbels Cannon 8 bit Chipstep Song
All is lost- wip Dance Song
Chipbit Chipstep Song
Tired Brains Techno Song
Launch Techno Song
Yub Nub Dance Song
Minecraft remix Dance Song
"Spontaneous Me" 8 bit Dance Song
Another song! Dance Song
Kirby- Green Greens remix Dance Song
Aint nobody got time! Techno Loop
Oppa 8 bit style! Video Game Song
Auld lang Syne 8bitdance Dance Loop
Noname Dance Song
Misty Mt Lullaby Miscellaneous Song
"Some nights" 8bit remix Video Game Song
Skrillex eight bit remix Video Game Song
Scooby Doo techno Video Game Song
Sugar Plum Fairy dance Video Game Song
Halloween loop Video Game Loop
Anonymous song Video Game Song
outro loop Techno Loop
Soup! Video Game Song
8bit heart and soul Dance Song
~Another 8 bit song~ Techno Song
Imperial Piano March Miscellaneous Song
12 second composition Classical Song
Our internet was out Techno Song
Layed back Dance Song
Add your own lyrics! Dance Song
Wallace and Gromit techno Techno Song
Mouse hunt Techno Song
A mess of Piano Classical Loop
Trololo song on Violin Classical Song
Experimenting with dance Dance Loop
Jeopardy theme techno Techno Song
Extremely random Piano techno Techno Song
Life is deep Techno Loop
Portal, Still Alive Techno Loop
just another loop Techno Loop
A pretty cool song Trance Song
A cool named song Trance Song
Portal, still alive remix Techno Song
Extremely random video gamey Video Game Song
Aloha techno Techno Song
Interesting pop song Dance Song
Moonlight Sonata remake Techno Song
Epic evilness Techno Song
Cluck old hen Techno Song
Owl City, Hello Seattle 8-bit Video Game Song
Just a new loop Techno Loop
Random techn0 Techno Song
~Basshunter Remix~ Techno Song
~Cool Squids remix~ Trance Song

2010 Submissions

Merry Christmas!!! Techno Loop
Cool Squids Trance Song
A series of scales and such Classical Song
Titanic techno song Techno Song
I miss you very much Techno Song
Draculas castle loop Trance Loop
Scary castle loop Techno Loop
8-bit Techno Video Game Song