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Music is. .

2014-11-09 07:47:23 by Genraltweet

Music is life.


Music is what keeps your head up when you feel like the world is pulling you down.

Music is what drives you in your finest hour.

Music is a way to show how you really feel.

Music is beauty.

Music is pain.

Music is one language we all speak.

Music is mending a broken heart.

Music is pushing forward a new love.



Music is life. Music is love. Music is everything.



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2014-11-09 10:31:52

Music is power. Let it throw through your mind.

Music influences emotions and decisions, and can rally the most different kinds of people into one unified cause. Music is not everything, however. It is simply a very effective way of spreading a message, or perhaps just sharing a feeling with everyone else.

But man oh man, the right kind of music makes it feel like it's the most powerful thing ever, doesn't it? Lol


2015-01-22 02:05:43

Without music we are nothing :P

Genraltweet responds:



2015-04-25 13:19:01



2015-05-02 05:50:18

i feel this every day at school my mind starts to go insane from music with drawl itslike a drug, or an adiction that cant be stoped


2015-06-14 11:50:48

At the end i was thinking "Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life" XD

Genraltweet responds:

omg. Thats whats on my android lock screen.


2015-08-24 16:22:37